Tuesday, October 4, 2022

British Army selects Israel’s Trophy active protection system for its new tanks

Citing a report from Israel defense giant Rafael, Armyrecognition.com reported that British Army has selected Trophy Active Protection System (APS) for the newest Challenger 3 tanks.

According to the Belgium defense magazine, the selection is a result of a study conducted by the UK Ministry of Defense as part of an upgrade program led by prime contractor Rheinmetall BAE Systems Land (RBSL), which will entail detailed integration and system trials of this lighter Trophy variant (Trophy MV), to fit the particular requirements of this vehicle.

Developed by Rafael in response to successful anti-armor attacks, Trophy APS provides mature, combat-proven protection against rocket and missile threats and simultaneously locates the origin of the hostile fire for immediate response.


As noted by the company, Trophy is the world’s only fully-integrated, combat-proven APS. Since its first operational interception in 2011, Trophy has accrued over 1,000,000 operating hours, including 5,400 successful field tests, and is now under contract for serial production of over 1,800 systems.

As to the Challenger 3, it is a next-generation British main battle tank featuring extra firepower and cutting-edge protection systems.

Challenger 3 will lead NATO armoured forces with the highest levels of lethality and survivability on the battlefields of today and out to 2040. According to the military, it achieves this not only by using the new gun but also by making use of the most advanced ammunition available globally from allies.

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