Monday, June 24, 2024

Bradley destroys Russian troop carriers

The Ukrainian military recently published a video showcasing a U.S.-supplied Bradley fighting vehicle from the 47th Separate Mechanized Brigade successfully destroying two Russian BTR-82 armored personnel carriers (APC) along with the infantry they were transporting.

The viral video highlights the effectiveness of the Bradley’s Bushmaster M242 25mm automatic cannon in combat. According to the Deep State Telegram channel, the Bradley halted a Russian assault west of Solovyiove.

“Once again, the Bradley of the 2nd Mechanized Battalion of the brigade demonstrated its capability by stopping two BTR-82 vehicles filled with infantry, identified by aerial reconnaissance,” the channel reported.


Following the destruction of the BTR-82s, the Bradley’s crew eliminated the dismounted infantry attempting to advance. This incident underscores the significant role of advanced Western military equipment in bolstering Ukraine’s defense against Russian forces.

The Bradley Fighting Vehicle, known for its robust armor and powerful weaponry, has been instrumental in numerous operations conducted by the Ukrainian armed forces. The vehicle’s advanced targeting systems and mobility make it a formidable asset on the battlefield.

The U.S. has provided Ukraine with substantial military aid, including Bradley Fighting Vehicles, to enhance its defensive capabilities. This support continues to play a crucial role in Ukraine’s efforts to repel Russian aggression and maintain territorial integrity.

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