Tuesday, October 4, 2022

Armed Forces of Ukraine conducts successful test of new Pelikan three-dimensional radar station

Armed Forces of Ukraine have conducted a successful test of new Pelikan 79K6 the mobile three-dimensional radar station  during «Rubizh 2016» strategic exercise.

The new Pelikan 79K6 is a mobile 3-D Air Surveillance radar, developed by State Enterprise “Scientific and production complex “Iskra”. Mobile Radar Pelikan 79K6 designed to be used as a part of radio and anti-aircraft missile troops, to issue targeting to the antiaircraft missile troops.

The radar system provides:


– detection, tracking and measurement of the airborne target coordinates and their ground speed calculation;
– recognition of the aircraft IFF equipment;
– calculation of elevation and azimuth bearing at active jamming stations;
– data issuing to the radar workstations and the integrated systems.

“Pelican” performs two main tasks: air defence – defines location of enemy air targets and transfers them to domestic fighters for immediate reaction and destruction of the enemy; as part of AA missile system – defines location of enemy vehicles; range – up to 400 km.

During military exercises “Rubizh-2016” radio-technical battalion of the radio-technical troops – providing air space control – used the latest domestic development 79K6 “Pelican” for the first time.


Armed Forces of Ukraine received 119 pieces of military equipment and armament from UKROBORONPROM enterprises. In years the Armed Forces of Ukraine received about 13,000 units of armament and military equipment froim Ukroboronprom.

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