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Vietnam is negotiating to buy S-400 Triumph anti-aircraft missiles

Hong Kong’s Phoenix radio quoted sources from the latest Canada defense magazine Kanwa said, Vietnam is negotiating with Russia to buy air defense systems, anti-aircraft missiles S-400 Triumph.

The source said, Russia and Vietnam are rushing the deal negotiated air defense missile system S-400. If there are no problems, at the end of the Vietnam 2016 will purchase at least four battalions of S-400 Triumph.

According to documents published today Vietnam is already equipped with two missile battalions of S-300. If the negotiations between Russia and Vietnam successful, Vietnam will be classified as a third country are equipped with modern air defense systems S-400 from Russia.


In this 2016, the Vietnam media published the information, said the Vietnam also equipped with SPYDER air defense systems of Israel. Han Hoa quoted analysts said that the air defense system of Russia and Israel will help Vietnam to protect the airspace of sovereign waters.

With four battalions of S-400, Vietnam sky will be protected firmly than ever.

Air defense missile system S-400 by the Department of Design, Almaz-Antey Corporation develops, this is a much improved version with more powerful features range missile systems S-300.

The system can destroy all the objects that appear in the air under control to over 400 km, including aircraft, unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) or ballistic missiles, at a height of 50 km and a maximum speed of up to 4,800 m/s.

Operational range of the S-300 and S-400. (image: VietTimes)

S-400 is capable of tracking 300 targets simultaneously and shoot down 36 goals. In particular, the S-400 is capable of fighting 4 times the US Patriot system.

Radio Phoenix said that at present around China have been arranged S-400 systems, India has also joined the group of countries with S-400 systems with five battalions, while China only eight battalions.

Vietnam also has been equipped with two S-300 battalions are arranged to protect the city of Hanoi and Haiphong. From the layout area S-300 to the border of Vietnam Vietnam – China is only about 160 km. If Vietnam has four more battalions of S-400, coverage of the Vietnam air defense system could spread over to China.

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