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US commandos conducted high-altitude airborne training exercise in Arctic

Naval Special Warfare members conducted a high-altitude airborne training exercise in the Arctic, during the 2022 Arctic Edge Exercise. 

Special operations forces from the Army, Navy, Air Force worked with the U.S. Coast Guard, international partners, local and state police, interagency and Alaskan natives to execute extreme cold weather training, expand survival skills and test arctic equipment during exercise Arctic Edge.

Arctic Edge is a U.S. Northern Command biennial defense exercise designed to demonstrate and exercise the ability to rapidly deploy and operate in the Arctic.


The SEALs, the elite special operators, conducted several Military Fre Fall jumps, including an unprecedented high-altitude low-opening jump, into Deadhorse, Alaska, on the northern coast of Alaska.

During the final jump, they landed on an ice flow 177 nautical miles off land in the Arctic Ocean. Once they landed on the ice, they rendezvoused with the USS Pasadena submarine, which breached upward to four feet of ice in locations, as part of a U.S. Navy exercise, ‘ICEX’, that was taking place concurrently with Arctic Edge.

Photo by Trey Hutcheson
Photo by Trey Hutcheson
Photo by Trey Hutcheson

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