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Ukrainian company develops new MR-18 mobile 3D air surveillance radar

Ukrainian State enterprise Scientific and Production Complex «Iskra» has developed a new variant of its MR-18 mobile 3D air surveillance radar, that was reported by

The MR-18 is a mobile 3D air surveillance radar for medium and high altitudes with coordinate and track outputs, operating off-line or as a part of regional and national automatic control posts (АСP) based on MR-1 version.

The radar system provides:

  • detection, tracking and measurement of the airborne target coordinates and their ground speed under conditions of no interference and under conditions of natural interference and active and passive jamming as well as under their combined effect;
  • recognition of the aircraft IFF equipment, the individual and flight information gaining from friendly aircraft’s, data representation and issuing to users;
  • calculation of elevation and azimuth bearing at active jamming stations;
    data  issuing to  off-line display facilities and interaction with command posts of regional and higher national АСP.

MR-18 has the number of significant advantages against the foreign radar systems of meter range. In particular, MR-1 has a short build up time (up to 5 min) compared to NEBO-SVU Radar System, build up time of which is 30 min.

All equipment of our station is placed on one KRAZ motor vehicle in the comparison with three vehicles needed for 55Zh5 Radar System. The MR-18 Radar System allows making an assessment of the altitude of the target location. The VOSTOK-E Radar System has no such ability.

MR-18  mobile 3D air surveillance radar will be  tested for the compliance with the state standards  in 2016.

Prototype of МR-1 Radar
Prototype of МR-1 Radar
Prototype of МR-1 Radar
Prototype of МR-1 Radar
Prototype of МR-1 Radar
Prototype of МR-1 Radar

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