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U.S troops with and Polish soldiers conducted Combined Arms Live-Fire Exercise as part of Operation Atlantic Resolve

U.S troops with the 4th Squadron, 10th Cavalry Regiment (Black Jack), 3rd Armored Brigade, 4th Infantry Division and Polish Soldiers with the 1st Battery, 10th Armored Cavalry Brigade conducted a Combined Arms Live-Fire Exercise Mar. 1, 2017 at the Presidential Range Complex in Swietoszow, Poland to strengthen allied capabilities as part of Operation Atlantic Resolve.

The exercise integrated U.S. cavalry scouts with Polish artillery, a Polish unmanned aerial vehicle observing U.S. mortars, and a Polish decontamination platoon.

Maintaining combat readiness is a top priority for both the U.S. and Polish armies. Training with our Allies here in Europe provides unique opportunities to hone in skills and retain the ability to shoot, move and communicate as a combined arms team.


“Interoperability is readiness,” said U.S. Army Lt. Col. Chad Foster, commander, 4th Sqdn. 10th Cav. Regt. “Over the next month each troop will continue to partner with a Polish unit within 10th Arm. Cav. Bde. There are some niche capabilities they are teaching us, and some that we are teaching them. It’s a tremendous opportunity– we’ve done a lot more together than we anticipated.”

During The CALFEX, the troop commanders were forced to process the squadron’s operations order, manage multiple U.S. and Polish assets, which included a Polish 2S1 Field Artillery platoon and a Polish Chemical platoon. This simulated scenario required each commander to rapidly respond to an advancing mechanized infantry battalion.

Throughout the live-fire, troop commanders, leaders and their troops had to face and overcome a variety of issues on the fly. This real-world training environment helped compile solutions to shape communication requirements and improve battle drills.

“It’s all about putting pressure on the young officers and leaders plus our next echelon up with the squadron staff,” said Foster “We are putting an emphasis on making checks and establishing proper communications.”

The 4th Sqdn. 10th Cav. Regt and 10th Arm. Cav. Bde. are making strides toward interoperability by continuously training together and implementing innovative solutions to common gaps.

Cpt. John Moffett, commander of Headquarters and Headquarters Troop, 4th Sqdn.,10th Cav. Regt., discussed how training along side an enthusiastic NATO Ally to identify system communication gaps, integrate common procedures during the bi-lateral exercise helps strengthen relationships between U.S. and Polish forces.

“We have a lot of Polish support right now and they’re excited about training together, and we’re excited to have them participate,” said Moffett. “Having the ability to build systems that improve communication and sustain readiness increases the confidence we have in each other. If we had to face a near-peer adversary we wouldn’t have to learn it, we’re perfecting it now.”

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