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Russian spy plane flying near the Japanese coast in the Pacific

The General staff of the defense Forces of Japan said that Japanese fighters were raised into the air due to the passage in the Pacific, two anti-submarine aircraft of the Russian Navy Il-38.

According to the Japanese Ministry, quoted by “Interfax”, the Russian planes flew to Japan from the Sakhalin island and passed over the southern part of the Kuril Islands.

The day before, on June 27, Russian aircraft also flew to Japan from the Sakhalin island. They passed over the southern part of the Kuril Islands, then Il-38 made a circle East of the Japanese island of Honshu and back almost the same route.


The Il-38 is designed for independent or joint anti-submarine ships, search and destruction of submarines, for Maritime surveillance, search and rescue operations, laying minefields.

In may, the Russian managers prevent dangerous convergence of three planes over the sea of Japan. Not answering the signals of the American spy plane was flying at a height designed for civil aviation. He could face two passenger Airliners.


A series of interceptions occurred on the border of Russia and NATO countries in the Baltic sea. 12 may a British Typhoon fighter jets intercepted three Russian military transport aircraft an-26, An-12 and Il-76, which was close to the Baltic States. As reported by the UK Ministry of defence, the aircraft did not respond to requests by radio or transmitted identification code. 17 may RAF again raised in the air Typhoon fighters after receiving a signal about approaching the state border of Estonia by Russian military aircraft.

The resonance episode recently with the participation of Russian aircraft occurred over the Baltic sea. In April of this year, su-24 circled next to the American destroyer Donald Cook. The video, published by the European command of the United States, it is clear that at least in one case, the bomber with the drone flies very close to the destroyer.

At the White house this incident caused outrage. American authorities have stated that the actions of the Russian pilots did not conform to accepted norms of conduct of armed forces in international air and Maritime space.

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