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Russia unveils new transporter-loader vehicles for intercontinental ballistic missile

KB Motor in cooperation with Special Vehicles Company (ZSA) facility part of JSC «Remdizel» (a subsidiary of the Rostec state corporation) displayed publicly for the first time a new series of the special transporter-loader vehicles for the intercontinental ballistic missile.

The KB Motor is specialized in transport equipment for the space industry and Russian Strategic Rocket Forces and Special Vehicles Company is a wheeled special platform maker were developed new special transporter-loader vehicles for the intercontinental ballistic missile.

The KB Motor has developed a new generation of the transporter-loader system towed by the ubiquitous K-78504 tractor and 15T528 transporter-loader vehicle based on the K-78501 wheeled platform. These systems are a part of the ground infrastructure serving the ballistic missile system, it is designed to quickly transport the missiles along roads of any quality from storage facilities for subsequent installations in an underground missile silo.


According to, the new vehicles are a part of Platforma-O family includes four heavy wheeled vehicles. Platforma-O comprises K-7850 16×16 special wheeled platform with a lifting capacity of 85 t, K-78509 12×12 special wheeled platform with a lifting capacity of 60 t, K-78504 8×8 wheeled arctic intended for towing of a 90 t semi-trailer, and K-78508 8×8 wheeled ballast prime mover with a lifting capacity of 75 t intended for the transportation of aircraft on the airfield.

It should be noted that K-7850 and K-78509 are supposed to be used as the mobile ICBM systems` new chassis. There is a plan to integrate them with RS-24 Yars (SS-27 Mod 2) mobile ICBM launchers,” the source pointed out.

15T528 transporter loader for ICBMs on K-78501 Platforma-O chassis
15T528 transporter loader for ICBMs on K-78501 Platforma-O chassis

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