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Lithuanian company develops hybrid electric buggy for special forces

OSTARA’s engineers are working to develop a future high-speed off-road troop transport with a hybrid propulsion system.

The new vehicle, called the Krampus, is designed to provide stealth, fast, mobile transportation over demanding terrain to meet the light-mobility needs of light infantry and special operations forces. The new ultra-light combat vehicle can transport a maximum payload of more than 300 kg and up to 2 infantrymen in support of expeditionary missions. It offers high higher speeds over rough terrains and, above all, enemy detection avoidance capabilities.

The Krampus vehicle is powered by a hybrid power electric motor coupled with high-performance batteries. The batteries are externally rechargeable with a type 2 charging inlet or internally mounted diesel generator.


The feature of the hybrid military buggy is to lower acoustic and thermal signatures than an internal combustion engine, which vastly reduces the signature of the vehicle while providing a greater level of security to the crew.

As noted by the company, the main advantages of hybrid-diesel buggy include an extended range, reduced fuel consumption, and a diesel generator for battery charging that can use both diesel and JP8 fuel. Due to its electric drive, the buggy can drive high in the mountains where there is not enough oxygen for an internal combustion engine, as well as in places where internal combustion engines are dangerous to use, such as caves, tunnels, etc. Using only electricity, the buggy can drive up to 200 km, and when using fuel up to 1000 km.

Image courtesy of OSTARA

The game-changing hybrid electric power system of the new vehicle offers improved silent mobility to provide sustainability benefits and deliver potential military advantages.

At the moment, the hybrid buggy Krampus is in its final assembling stage.

Currently, controller programming and BMS coordination are being performed. When Krampus will be finished, we will continue our work on designing and manufacturing an autonomous buggy, based on the Krampus concept.

Photo courtesy of OSTARA
Photo courtesy of OSTARA

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