Tuesday, December 6, 2022

Kazakhstan develops new «Barys» armored personnel carrier with 57mm gun

Kazakhstan Paramount Engineering’s  joint venture between Paramount Group and state-owned Kazakhstan Engineering  has developed new «Barys» armored personnel carrier , reported by military-informant.com.

The new «Barys» is a mine-resistant armor-protected  personnel carrier with 8×8 configuration.  «Barys» is are local variations of Paramount’s Mbombe armored personnel carrier.  The Barys differs from the Mbombe 6 in that it offers the three crew and eight dismounts STANAG 4569 Level 4 ballistic and mine protection.

The «Barys» will fitted  Russian  Baikal combat module. Baikal is the informal name for the AU-220M automated weapon station that is armed with a 57 mm gun developed by Burevestnik. The gun is said to be able to fire 120 rounds a minute out to a range of 12 km.


The Barys has improved protection against landmines and IED blasts. This APC has mine protection comparable with that of MRAP vehicles. It do not has a typical V-shaped hull, but instead has an innovative flat bottom hull. This new design allowed to reduce height of the vehicle comparing with traditional MRAP vehicles.

The Barys withstands a 10 kg TNT blast under any wheel or anywhere under the hull. Some sources claim that vehicle even withstands explosions equivalent to 14 kg of TNT under any wheel.

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