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Israel received Kolchuga-M passive radar system from Ukraine

Israel’s company Airsom Ltd. has received Ukrainian-made Kolchuga-M passive radar system, according to ImportGenius website. 

According to the import/export tracking website ImportGenius, Israel has received new-generation long-range passive radar complex, called the Kolchuga-M.

The notice by the ImportGenius said that in March 2018, a subsidiary of the State Company “Ukrspetsexport” State Enterprise “Ukroboronservis” sold to the Israeli company Airsom Ltd. (P.O.B. 32307 Tel-Aviv 6132201, 5 Kineret St. Bnei-Brak) passive radar system Kolchuga-M.


The Kolchuga is a passive electronic support measures makes it possible to spot ground and surface targets and trace their movement within a radius of 600 km and air targets at the 10 km altitude – up to 800 km, which makes an effective early warning air defense system.

The notice by the ImportGenius

The Kolchuga station is equipped with five meter-, decimeter-, and centimeter-range aerials, which provide for high radio sensitivity within a 110dB/W – 155 dB/W swath, depending on the frequency.

According to the, the 800-km detection range has been achieved only by the Ukrainian Kolchuga. The best the U.S. AWACS can do is 600 km, while the ground-based complexes Vera (Czech Republic) and Vega (Russia) can reach out up to 400 km – half what the Ukrainian complex can reach. The Kolchuga’s lower limit of the working frequency range is 130MHz and is the lowest of all analogs. For the AWACS it is 2,000 MHz, for the Vera it is 850MHz, for the Vega it is 200MHz.

The Kolchuga mobile passive electronic long-range monitoring radar system could be used during exercises of the Israeli Air Force.


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