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Bullet-resistant jackets for tactical needs

It is a well known fact that, in recent times there has been a drastic increase in the frequency of physical and violent attacks on individuals, organizations & nations.  Rarely does a day go without us witnessing or hearing of some distressing and violent act either on television, radio or in newspapers.  It is noticed and reported as per the figures that number of shooting incidents are occurring more frequently than the number of stabbing attacks.

After considering all the facts Hard Shell Group has developed a tactical range of body armour, using the latest technology and materials, producing innovative and simply designed protective vests which are specially engineered for protection against physical and violent attack keeping comfort of wearer in mind.

This range includes the number of vests for the users and one can choose his own vest as per their requirement. These vests are easy to wear, lightweight and have unique features.  They have introduced this range for their valued customers and are available in different designs, sizes and in various protection levels. Few of its models are “Quick release vest, Patron vest, defender vest etc. Before introducing this “Tactical Range” they have undergone a series of qualification and certification tests to meet specific body armor standards of military, security and law enforcement applications. These vests utilize the latest composite armour material that uniquely provides protection against violent attack in a single material, due to its advanced composite of ultra high tensile fibers. As a whole this range is one stop solution for any tactical requirement. This complete tactical range is available on  


Hard Shell has recognized that many customers are looking for bespoke services like magazine pouches and medical kits and this is the series which can meet their requirement.  Visit the website and check out the life-saving bullet resistant vests, specific to your needs that fit around the budget. Moreover the company’s extensive global delivery and customer support network allows it to provide customized solutions to meet the customer’s exact requirement.

Every day new products are coming to the market providing organizations and individuals with solutions for threats; however one should always go through the certification of product and company background to be assured of quality. Hard shell is one of the pioneer in this industry who always embrace the challenges and brings new technology products.

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