Wednesday, February 1, 2023

British Soldiers conduct urban training in Poland

The NATO media service announced on Tuesday that British Soldiers assigned to NATO’s enhanced Forward Presence Battlegroup in Poland conducted urban training at Orzysz base located some 37 miles from the border of the Russian Kaliningrad exclave. 

According to a recent service news release, Soldiers from the British Army’s Black Horse Troop of the Royal Dragoon Guards, currently deployed to Poland as part of NATO’s enhanced Forward Presence (eFP) Battlegroup, conducted a week-long exercise focused on manoeuvring in an urban environment.

Troops assigned to NATO’s eFP Battlegroups regularly conduct training courses like this, sharpening their skills while learning how to work alongside Allied soldiers. The eFP Battlegroup in Poland is led by the United States.


“What we do on a daily basis is we train together. And like on a particular Monday, we get up, do PT [physical training] like every unit. We’ll go out to the range, we shoot, we practise, we practise communications. We really practise working together,” said eFP Battlegroup Poland Commander Lt Col Craig Broyles (US Army) added that “it’s important that each nation can operate alone. But we never fight alone. So our biggest focus is really understanding how each other work. I help make sure that we can communicate with each other and that we fight together as a team. And again, everything we prepare for is defensive in nature.”

“Here in NATO we say ‘stronger together’. And it’s because each of the nations, we have a capability that without each other, we’re not near as strong. Each one of us can give that little portion, like a basketball team. And so together, we really are stronger. And as we work together and we practise together, we become a committed fighting force to defend NATO and defend Poland. And that’s what we’re the most committed to do,” added Craig Broyles.

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