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Belarus invited Vietnam to upgrade BTR-50 armored vehicles

Belarus has touted Vietnam and some Southeast Asian countries upgrade packages BTR-50 armored vehicles with powerful weapons, that reported by

Under the proposal from Belarus after being upgraded to the standard BTR-50 PKM, the BTR-50 units will have new power. BTR-50 is kind of Armoured Personnel Carrier Soviet amphibious chassis-based production light tanks PT-76 was first introduced in 1954 and used until today.

BTR-50 is kind of caterpillars, unlike other vehicles typically BTR tire. The main armament of the BTR-50 7.62 mm machine guns, including machine guns, air defense or 14.5 mm, weight of 14.5 tons and can carry 22 soldiers including crews.


Although outdated but BTR-50 has been widely used in many countries around the world. In particular, some countries located in Southeast Asia, such as Vietnam, Indonesia use relatively large number BTR-50. So no wonder Belarus offers upgrade packages BTR-50PKM to Southeast Asia.

Experts said the upgrade package of the company specializes in upgrading and repair of armored Minotor quite suitable to the conditions of the Southeast Asian countries and significantly increase the usage time of the BTR-50 obsolete while ensuring suitable for modern warfare.

This upgrade package with the focus changes to the major parts such as motors (using UTD-20 300 hp), gearbox, steering wheel controls, braking systems, while ensuring the weight and shape the car does not change too much.
In addition to armored vehicles BTR-50, in the war against the US, rose-armored soldiers also received the Armoured Personnel Carrier BTR-152 tire. Armoured Personnel Carrier BTR-152 tire is designed to allow transport 18 infantrymen.
In 1973, Soviet aid to Vietnam Armoured Personnel Carrier BTR-60PB wheel. Currently, BTR-60PB is one of the Armoured Personnel Carrier Army’s flagship Vietnam. BTR-60PB capable of carrying 8 infantrymen in the car.
BTR-60PB fitted with turret mounted 14.5 mm heavy machine guns KPVT (500 rounds of ammunition). BTR-60PB be able to swim in the water at a rate of 10km / h. Boost-Armoured Army Vietnam there in armored vehicles equipped with amphibious reconnaissance BRDM-1.
After 1975, Vietnam troops have obtained hundreds of tanks, armored vehicles spoils of the former Saigon government, including armored car M113 (US production). We have used the armored vehicles this campaign extensively in the Southwest border and until today.

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