Friday, September 22, 2023

Algeria confirms delivery of SR5 multiple rocket launchers from China

Algeria’s acquisition of SR5 multiple rocket launchers has been confirmed during the exercises in the 4th military district of the People’s National Army of Algeria.

The People’s National Army of Algeria has released pictures of its recently delivered China-made SR5 multiple rocket launchers during live-fire military exercise.

The SR5 is a  medium-range Multiple Launch Rocket System (MLRS) designed and manufactured in China by the company NORINCO (China North Industries Corporation). The MLRS based on a Taian TA5310 6×6 truck chassis and carries two pods that can fire either 122 mm (20 per pod) or 220 mm (six per pod) rockets.


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Rockets are fitted with various warheads, including HE-FRAG, incendiary, smoke and illumination. Also, there are cargo warheads with anti-tank or pre-fragmented anti-personnel submunitions. Some rockets have a GPS guidance for precision strikes.

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Rocket pods are factory-fitted and sealed. These double as transport containers and launchers. A standard 220 mm pod contains 6 rockets. These rockets have a range of up to 70 km.

According to the current information, the SR-5 is in service with Algeria, Bahrain, Venezuela and possibly some other countries.

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