Thursday, September 24, 2020

Photos of South Korea Army Practices Military Exercises with K-239 «Chun Moo» MLRS

New South Korean multi-calibers K-239 «Chun Moo» Multiple Launch Rocket System (MLRS) was successfully test-fired in a live-ammunition   during practice.

The K-239 «Chun Moo» is a multi-caliber rocket launcher system. Rockets were developed by Hanwha Corporation and the launcher vehicle was developed by Doosan DST. The K-239 is able to fire also the 227mm rockets used by the American-made M270 which is in service with the South Korean army

These rockets can be fired from the same platform, but have different ranges. The system will use 130-mm, 227-mm and 230-mm rockets. A standard 130-mm rocket is 2.4 m long and weights 55 kg. It has a maximum range of 23 km. Extended-range rockets can reach 36 km. Other sources claim that newly developed rockets have a maximum range is 80 km. These artillery rockets are used by the current K136 Kooryong.


A standard 227-mm rocket is 3.96 m long and weights 296 kg. It has a maximum range of 45 km. These rockets are used by US M270 MLRS and M142 HIMARS. A standard 230-mm rocket is 3.96 m long. It has a maximum range of 80 km. Other sources claim that these rockets have a range of 160 km.

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