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Venezuela army gets first batch of amphibious armoured fighting vehicles

Venezuela army gets first batch of  amphibious armoured fighting vehicles VN16. First batch delivery of 6 amphibious armoured fighting vehicles VN16 for the Venezuela Army.

Division de Infanteria de Marina General Simon Bolivar was the first Chinese vehicles, six tanks VN16 armed 105-mm guns (this is an export version of the Chinese ZTD-05,), six IFV VN18 (export version of the ZBR-05), and 120 trucks in North Benz 2629 (Chinese license Mercedes Benz NG2629) 120 4×4 6×6 and trucks. Vehicles arrived on board the vessel Chang Hang Hai Ji.

Venezuela’s purchase of the  VN16 would be the platforms’ first foreign sale. They first appeared in People’s Liberation Army and People’s Liberation Army Navy Marines service in 2006 as the ZTD-05.


VN16 is an amphibious infantry fighting vehicle produced by China North Industries Corporation (NORINCO). The vehicle was developed based on ZBD2000 amphibious armoured fighting vehicle.

The VN16 integrates all-welded steel armour hull and turret, and protects its crew from small arms fire, 12.7mm rounds and shell splinters. It is also equipped with nuclear, biological and chemical (NBC) protection system.

The VN16 infantry fighting vehicle features six double road wheels and three return rollers. The upper part of the suspension can be covered by armour plates. The vehicle has a maximum range of 500km and can negotiate a gradient of 60% and side slope of 30%. It can cross a vertical step of 0.7m and trench of 2m.

The vehicle can be launched at sea from amphibious assault ships and sails at high speed over a long distance to shore, while the maximum speed on water is about 45km/h.

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