Friday, January 27, 2023

US to send more ‘tank-killer’ fighting vehicles to Ukraine

According to some reports, like one from AP, the U.S. is finalizing a massive package of military aid for Ukraine totaling more than $2.6 billion that includes Stryker armored vehicles and additional Bradley fighting vehicles.

AP also quoted the source saying that it’s expected to include nearly 100 Strykers and at least 50 Bradley vehicles to allow Ukrainian forces to move more quickly and securely on the front lines in the war with Russia.

The Biden administration last week also announced that the U.S. would provide advanced Bradley Fighting Vehicles to Ukraine for use in its fight against Russia’s invasion.


The Bradley is a powerful weapon platform that has the ability to destroy enemy tanks. It can also be used to scout the battlefield and to rapidly move small numbers of infantry in relative safety.

According to some reports, like one from The War Zone, the U.S. will provide Ukraine with M2A2 Bradley vehicles in Operation Desert Storm (ODS) version.

That variant, an upgrade from the M2A2, was introduced to address some of the deficiencies that were found during Operation Desert Storm (ODS), from which it gets its ODS designation.

Ukraine is expected to receive about 100 Bradley fighting vehicles with TOW missiles and 25mm ammunition for them.

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