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Ukraine launches flight testing of Mil-24PU-2 upgrade helicopter

State Enterprise «Konotop Aircraft Repair Plant «AVIAKON», part of state corporation State Concern «Ukroboronprom», has started flight testing of  prototype of the Mil-24PU-2 upgrade helicopter.

A prototype of the Mi-24PU-2 started converted from Mi-24P helicopter at the “Aviacon” back in 2011, but work was delayed due to the difficulties of integration “board systems”, lack of funding.

Ukrainian Mi-24PU-2 is equipped with the modern Motor Sich TV3-117VMA-SBM1V-02 engines, with power output of 2500 HP. Not only do these engines increase the maximum take-off weight of the helicopter (almost 1000 kilograms of increase), they also make it possible to operate at altitudes exceeding 7 thousand meters. Application of these engines also increases the top speed of the helicopter, up to 312 kilometers per hour. It is worth to mention the fact, for the sake of comparison, that the operational ceiling of the AH-64 Apache helicopter is 6400 meters, while its top speed is 293 kilometers per hour.


Mi-24PU-2 variant shares a lot of features with the Mi-24G export version, however, most of the applied solutions have been developed locally. The most important changes – in comparison with the old model – are visible in the avionics suite, which has been modified to be better tailored for use on the contemporary battlefield. The modifications include additional Garmin GPSMAP-695 navigation system radar transponder with a radar altimeter, modern radio and modern flight parameters processing and recording systems. The targeting system has also been significantly upgraded, since not only does it consist of the APS-17 WPM-W sight, as it also includes the Ukrainian Handron Adros FPM-1KB laser range-finder and target designator.

Also, the helicopter received the night goggles PNL 3 Bielik and helmet THL-5NV (used in Polish helicopter W-3PL Głuszec, is a modernized combat search and rescue variant of the helicopter W-3A).

In cooperation with the Polish company and Izyum State-Owned Instrument-Making Plant, plans were made to modernize the avionics suite, including installation of a stabilized optronic sensor, complemented with the  satellite navigation system.

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