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U.S. is preparing to use nuclear weapons in Europe: Russian Foreign Ministry

Nuclear weapons are being prepared to use by the U.S. forces in Europe, the director of the Russian Foreign Ministry’s Department for Nonproliferation and Arms Control, Vladimir Ermakov said on Tuesday.

This is evidenced by the very placement of such weapons by Washington in the countries of the Old World, reported Vladimir Ermakov in an interview to Russian state-owned news outlet RIA Novosti. He also suggested that the pessimistic scenario could begin with the permission of the non-nuclear European states themselves.

“Some countries dependent on Washington pretend that nothing is happening, or they are simply afraid to even think about the provocative nature of the fact that in the 21st century Europe is preparing for the use of nuclear weapons,” Russian diplomat complained.


According to new data from the United States nuclear arsenal in Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists, U.S. nuclear arsenal, which remained roughly unchanged in the last year, with the Department of Defense maintaining an estimated stockpile of nearly 3,800 warheads.

It should be stated that the Pentagon doesn’t increase a stockpile of nuclear tactical bombs at its operating bases in Europe.

“Of the approximately 1,750 warheads that are deployed … roughly 300 at strategic bomber bases in the United States, with another 150 tactical bombs deployed at European bases,” stated ф team of scientists.

According to the report, the weapon exists in two modifications: the B61-3 and the B61-4. A third version, the B61-10, was retired in September 2016. Approximately 230 tactical B61 bombs of all versions remain in the stockpile. About 150 of these (versions −3 and −4) are through to be deployed at six bases in five European countries: Aviano and Ghedi in Italy; Büchel in Germany; Incirlik in Turkey; Kleine Brogel in Belgium; and Volkel in the Netherlands.

Of the five nuclear weapons storage locations in Europe, Incirlik Air Base in Turkey stores the most – about 50 or one-third of the weapons in Europe, although there are unconfirmed rumors that the weapons may have been withdrawn.

The tactical nuclear bombs can be carried by F-15E Strike Eagle and F-16 Falcon fighter jets.

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