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SpetsTechnoExport to unveil developments of Ukrainian defence industry at IDEF 17

Ukrainian state-run company SpetsTechnoExport,  part of Ukraine’s defence company UkrOboronProm, will be showcasing the latest developments of Ukrainian defence industry at the forthcoming International Defence Industry Fair (IDEF), which will take place in May in Istanbul.

At IDEF’17 SpetsTechnoExport will present the last modification of tactical unmanned
multipurpose vehicle “Fantom”, the most credible and combat proved protection systems “Duplet” and “Shershen” for armored vehicles, as well as active protection system “Adros” KT-01 AVE for helicopters.

The Fantom is a remotely operated tactical unmanned multipurpose vehicle capable to fulfill various missions at day and night: reconnaissance, fire support, ambulance and rescue, operations, maintenance and power source, ammunition supply, monitoring and roadblocks protection.


It can be equipped with high-precision anti-tank and other types of weapons. Trial shooting, that was conducted at military training areas, showed a high level of different targets hit on the move and from place under different weather conditions.

Fantom unmanned multipurpose vehicle

The station for opticalelectronic suppression, “Adros” KT-01 AVE, is designed for active protection of helicopters against guided missiles with infrared homing heads; for suppression of infrared homing heads with amplitude-phase modulation (APM).The station «Adros» KT-01 AVE can suppress infrared target seeking

The station «Adros» KT-01 AVE can suppress infrared target seeking devices with heightened noise immunity for other types of modulation: frequency-phase modulation (FPM) and pulseposition modulation (PPM). The item provides withdrawal of missiles from the
flight trajectory to the target with subsequent missile tracking stoppage due to gradual increasing of guidance error in the missile control contour. Exellent for such guided missiles as: «Stinger» (FPM), «Igla» (PPM), «lgla-1» (FPM), R-60 (FPM), R-60M (FPM), R-73 (PPM), «Sidewinder» (APM) and others.

«Adros» KT-01 AVE

The “Duplet” is an explosive reactive armor elements are designed for protection from unitary and tandem cumulative threats, subcaliber amour piercing shells and “cannonball” type ammunition.

Duplet explosive reactive armor elements

Active Protection System for light armored vehicles “Shershen” is designed for protection of stationary and moving carriers from anti-tank unitary and tandem kinetic and cumulative threats.

“Shershen” – active protection system for light armored vehicles

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