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Russian announces rollout of upgraded long-range strike bomber

On 7 August,  press service of the PJSC ‘Tupolev’ has announced the rollout of upgraded Tu-22M3M long-range strike bomber. 

According to the company statement, the presentation of the upgraded Tu-22M3M long-range strike bomber will be held at the PJSC ‘Tupolev’ Gorbunov Aircraft Plant’s factory in Kazan, Russia on 16 August.

“On August 16 we are to rollout out the Tu-22M3M aircraft,” the press service said.


PJSC ‘Tupolev’ will be displaying the first upgraded Tu-22M3M  strike bomber fitted with deadly new generation missiles.

Tu-22M3M is a new version of the Tu-22M3 bomber, that gets new avionics, sight and navigation and other radio-electronic equipment.

The modernized version of the long-range supersonic bomber also be re-motorized and armed with the new Kh-32 supersonic cruise missile and will be able to carry up to four hypersonic missiles dubbed Kinzhal (“Dagger”).

The Kh-32 is an air-to-surface missile, which has an operational range of up to 620 miles, can reach a speed of up to 3,100 mph and can fly at an altitude of 25 miles.

Besides, the upgraded Russian long-range strike bomber will be able to carry six more advanced Kh-50 missiles, that is expected to achieve a range of over 810 miles. The Kh-50 is a new subsonic cruise missile looks like to the U.S. AGM-158 Joint Air-to-Surface Stand-off Missile (JASSM).

General Director of PJSC ‘Tupolev’, Alexander Konyukhov has officially announced that upgraded Russian long-range strike bomber, called the  Tu-22M3M, will make its maiden flight this in August.

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