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Matrix-UA unveils light unmanned combat aerial vehicles at UMEX 2018

Ukrainian research and development company Matrix-UA revealed at the International Unmanned Systems Exhibition in Abu Dhabi (UAE), light unmanned aerial vehicles designed to perform reconnaissance and combat missions.

During the UMEX 2018 exhibition in UAE, Ukrainian company unveiled two models of its strike-capable, reconnaissance unmanned aerial vehicles. The multi-rotor Chimera-H and Comandor are unique unmanned aerial vehicles can carry missiles, bombs and is used for strikes at ground targets.

The Chimera-H light unmanned aerial vehicle is designed for reconnaissance and monitoring of roads, borders, forests, and waterways and now it can be also used for dropped different versions of the bombs, beacons, transponders.


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The Chimera-H is a multi-purpose multi-rotor platform.  The new drone has a forward speed of 14 m/s and an operational ceiling of 1,500 meters with a flight endurance in excess of 2 hours (depending on the weight of the payload). The drone powered by combustion engine hybrid propulsion unit is able to give it an operation range of one hundred fifty kilometers.

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The Comandor is a heavy multirotor unmanned aerial vehicle was designed with combined propulsion system. It can be applied in the military purposes as the flying weapon despatch, armed with various models — anti-tank missiles, bombs, etc. It can be used for delivery of ammunition, first aid, water and food supply, and also — in the long term for evacuation wounded soldiers from the battlefield.

The heavy duty flying platform can bear and interchange the various onboard monitoring equipment — video cameras with telescopes, radars, laser scanners, etc.

The Comandor heavy multirotor unmanned aerial vehicle

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