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Vietnam will build upgraded TT-400TP series ships

According to the Russian press, it is negotiating with Vietnam to support close range TT-400TP warships upgrade.

In an interview with the Russian press in February 2016, the director of the shipyard Mid-Nevsky Vladimir Seredoho said that, the factory is preparing to sign a contract with the Vietnam People’s Navy to the after-sales service terms of projects warships in the 2016 TT-400TP this.

“We’re done for six ships of TT-400TP project for the Navy in Vietnam. These ships have already been distributed in Vietnam Navy. Today we are preparing a contract after-sales service with Vietnam, when the warranty period expires in 2016, “said Seredoho.


According to Mr Vladimir Seredoho, parallel to the negotiations on after-sales services are continuing negotiations on building a series of warships TT-400TP upgrade.

“The shape of the ship will be like, Vietnam partners have not decided. Before the end of 2016, we will proceed with the signing of the contract,” he said Seredoho.

TT-400TP warships patrol boats variations or TT-400 is produced by Factory Z173 (Company Hong Ha).

The vessel has a length of 54 m, width 9.1 m, full load of 480 tons of water relaxation, maximum speed 32 knots / hour, maximum range of 2,500 nautical miles. The ship can operate continuously at sea for 30 days and nights, with combat capability in the 5 wave conditions.

But TT-400TP is domestic product of Vietnam, but the system of sensors, radar and weapons on board were Russian-made. So it’s no wonder to say that Russia join TT-400TP ship cannon.

TT-400TP firepower with gunboats 76,2mm caliber AK-176 (range 15 km), high-speed anti-aircraft artillery AK-630 (4 km range, rate of fire of 5,000 player / min), 2 Dalian 14 , 5mm and low-altitude air defense missile Igla (16 results).

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