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Vietnam wants to buy OPV from Fincantieri

A spokesman for Defence Company Fincanteri (Italy) has reaffirmed that Vietnam Navy special attention to the offshore patrol vessels (OPV) of the company.

Representatives of the defense company Fincanteri (Italy) said the company is accelerating the expansion of its presence in Asia, which focuses on three main markets are India, Bangladesh and Vietnam.

In India, Fincanteri said they took part in the tender to provide equipment for the project closed New Project 17A frigates and would have resulted in a few months.


In addition, the company also cooperates with the shipbuilding company Hindustan Shipyard and the Indian Navy to prepare tender packages manufactured and supplied two mini submarines (SOV) to New Delhi in early 2015.

In Vietnam, Fincantieri, together with the Italian Government and the Deputy Defense Minister Domenico Rossi went to Vietnam to participate in defense dialogue was first deputy minister level.

On that occasion, Vietnam armed forces, particularly the navy, has expressed its willingness to cooperate with Italy on the purchase of patrol boats, more specifically, the OPV and mini submarines of Italy.

The Italian defense company aims to expand presence in Vietnam market showed positive step in moving all multilateral growth of relations and diversifying the supply of military equipment to the national defense industry has developed around the world.

According to the Research Institute of the Stockholm International Peace (SIPRI), in 2013, Vietnam has ordered two naval artillery systems from Super Rapid 76mm OTO Melara company’s defense Italia (equip 2 SIGMA-class warship 9814 Dutch bid).

This agreement can be considered a “stepping stone” the first to open for both Vietnam and Italy added a new partner, serve the needs of defense and security for the country.

The version of OPV ships

If the information from Fincantieri is confirmed, so the Vietnam People’s Navy is concerned about class offshore patrol vessels (OPV) does, present their product portfolio with only a suitable candidate.

Commandante (also known by the name Comandanti) is class offshore patrol vessels of the Navy advanced Italy, including 4 units bearing number P493 from P490 to set off close to the period from 2001 to 2002 and handed over simultaneously 31/01/2004 day.

The design of the vessel respect to reducing reflectivity radar cross section and infrared disclosed. The first three have steel superstructure but the last one called Foscari, glass fiber composite materials have been widely used (on the radar tower and helicopter hangars), made lighter vessels, leading to reduce fuel consumption.

The mission of Commandante was identified as offshore patrol, protect the territorial and exclusive economic zone, set up sovereign presence in distant waters. Besides, it was ready to engage in combat against surface ships.

Of the ship’s sensors Selex radar RAN-30X / I work on X-band, with 4 modes including monitoring and airway surface for the small target; Helicopter guidance for coastal activities; beyond the horizon reconnaissance and detect missiles at sea.

Commandante is equipped with maritime navigation radar type SPS-753 dedicated operation on the bands I, complex jamming decoy launcher and radar intercept SLQ-747 supplied by Elettronica.

As a weapon should OPV only moderately, including Oto Melara 76/62 1 mm gunboats SR front layout, fire control radar is the Selex NA-25 fire control system optoelectronics RTN-25x based radar (working on the X-band).

Also on board there are two automatic cannon Oerlikon KBA 25/80 mm, deck and hangar at the tail allowed to carry one helicopter AB-212 or NH90 in the voyage.

A special feature to note is that due to the open design, Commandante can quickly upgrade to become a powerful corvette. But do not rule out the possibility, if ordered, Vietnam will require Fincantieri design right a frigate.

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