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Meprolight completes construction of 2 maintenance labs for electro-optical products for Latin American Army

Meprolight Ltd. – a member of the SK Group and a leading manufacturer of electro-optical systems, thermal and night vision equipment, self-illuminated sights, and Laser Range Finder systems for military, law enforcement and civil applications – has completed construction of two (2) advanced-level maintenance laboratories for electro-optical products for a leading Latin American Army.

According to Assaf Shimron, CEO of Meprolight, “We are pleased to announce the successful completion of our flagship project – the transfer of know-how of advanced electro-optical maintenance capabilities.”

In a ceremony held at the beginning of August 2017, the already-operational electro-optical laboratories that were set up to maintain MEPRO MOR and MEPRO NOA NYX sights as part of a large order of these products, were officially inaugurated. Teams from the Latin American Army underwent extensive training both locally and in Israel to prepare them for the independent handling of all maintenance issues associated with these products.


Mr. Shimron continued, “We are thankful for the cooperation and trust that enabled us to complete the set-up of the labs within strict timetables and to the full satisfaction of our client. The new laboratories are already operational and enable full independence regarding product maintenance.”

Mr. Samy Katsav, Chairman, SK Group, remarked, “This project is in line with the Group’s strategy to promote technology transfer to our customers. We have already successfully carried out several projects of this kind in a number of countries, and we will continue to promote additional projects in the future.

“Knowledge transfer is a Win-Win situation for all parties, allowing our customers the independence, flexibility, agility and the highest level of maintenance of our products, which brings even greater satisfaction regarding our products and services.”

About MEPRO MOR Integrated Sight

The MEPRO MOR is a compact, rugged, multi-purpose, “red dot” sight with integrated laser pointers. Designed for quick, instinctive, accurate shooting, it has a 30mm diameter lens, ensuring rapid target acquisition with both eyes open and quick transition between open terrain and close-quarter encounters. MEPRO MOR’s unique characteristics enable effective operation in various tactical and ambient light scenarios as well as under all weather and temperature conditions. The sight’s self-illuminated reticle provides battery-free day/night operation, LED illumination for extra bright modes, visible and IR integrated laser pointers, and multiple mounting options. The sight is suited for use with 5.56 mm caliber light weapons and 7.62 mm caliber light machine guns.

About NOA NYX Uncooled Thermal Weapon Sight

The MEPRO NOA NYX is a lightweight, uncooled, thermal weapon sight with a wide FOV for mid-range weapons. A proven high-resolution microbolometer technology enables high-quality observation and precision target engagement. The sight has several user-selectable reticle types, video-out with full overlay for command and control, and can capture and store still images with a PC download option. Operating efficiently in day, night, low-light, dust and smoke, and complete darkness conditions, the sight provides advanced power saving capabilities for reduced Life Cycle Costs.

About Meprolight

Meprolight is a member of the SK Group and a leading international electro-optics company, developing, manufacturing and marketing systems for armed forces, law enforcement agencies and civilian markets since 1990. Meprolight provides comprehensive solutions with a wide array of combat-proven products: electro-optical and optical sights and devices, night vision sights and observation systems, thermal sights, fire control systems and other self-illuminated products and accessories. Meprolight’s solutions are currently operational in safety and security applications for law enforcement, military and civilian communities worldwide.

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