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Major military lift on India Republic Day 2017

This Republic Day parade is set to feature the goals of the Indian military, not its armory. In the wake of choosing to fly the Tejas LCA air ship, that has not yet persuaded last freedom to be sent in threats, the Indian Army will now display the serious canons it needs however it doesn’t have, on January 26, this Thursday.

Two of these enormous firearms are the Dhanush and the ATAGs – the progressed towed big guns weapon frameworks – that will be dragged down the Rajpath.

The Dhanush and the ATAGs will speak to the desires of the Indian Army for substantial ordnance.


Not since 1987 – 30 years back – has the prerequisite been met. It doesn’t make a difference which party has been in power in which government. It cuts crosswise over gatherings.

The Dhanush – likewise referred to inside the military as “Bofors ka Baccha“ (the offspring of Bofors) – is a make of the Ordnance Factory Board (OFB). It was a piece of the re-interest in exchange of innovation that the then Swedish firm was to make till the kickbacks push detonated in then Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi’s face.

A long time later, the OFB found that it had gotten manuals from Bofors AB of Sweden. Also, even later, they got the manuals deciphered and the OFB now supposes they can collect the weapon. They have displayed its terminating capacities in Rajasthan and in Sikkim. Be that as it may, the firearm is yet to be accepted into the Indian Army’s mounted guns divisions. The Indian Army is enthusiastic for them.

The Dhanush is said to be in the class of 155X45 calibre with a scope of 38 to 40 kms in the fields.

The second class of overwhelming mounted guns to be displayed on Rajpath on January 26 is acronymed ATAGs (progressed towed cannons firearm framework). The ATAGs is said to have a more drawn out range with more dangerous power than the Dhanush at 155mm X 52calibre. It is said to cross a scope of 40km in the fields with a rate of discharge of five shells for every 90 seconds.

The ATAGs is intended to be a joint wander or in part outsourced produce between the OFB and private area firms Bharat Forge, Tata Power or potentially the Mahindras.

In either case, none of the serious canons on Rajpath this Republic Day are relied upon to be battleworthy before 2027 – quite a while from now – similar to the flying corps’ Tejas LCA that will punch the air in the flypast over the national capital.

The Indian Army’s “field cannons justification program” is as haywire as the IAF’s modernisation program. For about three decades the armed force has not enlisted a solitary enormous firearm. The Bofors purchased in 1987 are being torn apart to keep the big guns going. The armed force says it can’t take up arms without these guns or howitzers.

The armed force has anticipated a requirement for five sorts of howitzers: towed, self-impelled, followed, mounted and light. Taking all things together, it needs somewhere in the range of 18,000 bits of mounted guns weapons to be OK with its war-pursuing potential.

The aviation based armed forces has anticipated the requirement for no less than six squadrons of twin-engined contender air ship of the 4.5 era. A year ago, the administration contracted 36 of the base 126 required.

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