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Lithuanian-made Krampus hybrid ATV ready for autonomous battlefield missions

Lithuanian developers of Krampus Mk1 all-terrain vehicle (ATV) are getting prepared for the major European arms show and joke that their hybrid diesel-electric propulsion buggy is ready for “bucket missions” against the enemies on the battlefield.

“According to the Alpine Bavarian folklore, mythical evil creature Krampus used to punish the naughty by collecting them into the bucket and eating them. Our Lithuanian-built all-terrain vehicle Krampus Mk1 now can conduct manned, partially-manned, remotely-controlled and autonomous “bucket missions” against the bad guys on the battlefield”, Darius Antanaitis, CEO of Vilnius-based Ostara Company, said.

Hybrid diesel-electric propulsion in its silent mode ensures stealthy approach of the vehicle to the mission area, where the crew of two can dismount and send the vehicle autonomously towards the forward firing positions. Krampus Mk1 is designed for 500-kilograms payload, which may include remotely-controlled anti-tank, killer-drone-launching or anti-aircraft weapons systems. After accomplishing fire mission, Krampus ATV is designed to return to pick up its crew and continue the manned mission.


The designers of Krampus Mk1 ATV also envision vehicle use in non-military areas, such as border protection, law enforcement, environmental control, mining – any scenario where mission may require autonomous or remotely-controlled operations for extended hours, or work in hazardous environment.

Premiere of Krampus ATV by Ostara Company is expected to take place at Eurosatory 2022 exhibition in Paris, June 13 to 17, 2022. The vehicle will be displayed at Lithuanian National stand, organized by Versli Lietuva, a non-profit agency under Ministry of Economy and Innovation of the Republic of Lithuania.

Ostara Company has already reached level 6 technology readiness for Krampus ATV project. Last year the team of developers concluded field testing phase and implemented the necessary corrections and upgrades to the vehicle’s systems and subsystems. Earlier this year, technology solutions providing remote and autonomous controls of the vehicle have been implemented.

Krampus Mk1 has an integrated diesel generator and powerful battery pack, providing the range of 1000 km. In silent mode, when two electric motors are powered only by battery pack, vehicle range can reach decent 200 km. Ostara Company says that Krampus Mk1 ATV demonstrator has already laid foundations for the beginning of the next Krampus Mk2 prototype.

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