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Korea’s Biho might be one of the most effective short-range anti-aircraft systems ever

The Hybrid BIHO gun and missile air defence systems developed by South Korea’s company Hanwha Defense Systems might be one of the most effective short-range anti-aircraft systems ever.

The Hybrid BIHO (Flying Tiger) advanced systems do have some unique capabilities in its ability to intercept low altitude infiltrating enemy aircraft, helicopters and unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) while providing effective fire with 30mm twin-gun or four additional LIG MANPADS launchers.

According to the Hanwha Defense Systems companythe 30mm complex gun and missile air defense system ‘Hybrid BIHO’ is a weapon system under combat arrangement with the South Korean Army. It consists of a 30mm self-propelled anti-aircraft defense system ‘BIHO’ combined with the portable surface-to-air guided missile system and intercepts low altitude infiltrating enemy aircraft and helicopters. The ‘Hybrid BIHO’ can carry a total of 4 guided missiles with an effective range of 5km.


The system features the detection distance of 21km and excellent tracking and aiming capability against enemy aircraft infiltration. In so doing, Hybrid BIHO based on the tracked armored vehicle with a driving speed of up to 60km/h as well as capability for climbing and crossing longitudinal and traverse slopes. It combines an electro-optically guided 30 mm gun system fitted with four additional MANPADS launchers an with a surveillance radar system on a tracked armored chassis.

It is similar to the Russian Pantsir-S1 and 2K22 Tunguska systems in terms of ammunition carried and effective range of the ammunition.

Detectable Range 21km Effective Range 30mm machine gun : 3km
Shingung : 5km
Key Armament Two 30mm machine guns,
Four Shingung
Rate of Fire 30mm machine gun : 2X600 rounds/minute
Shingung : 45 sec/round

The Hybrid BIHO self-propelled anti-aircraft weapon was developed to meet the operational requirements of the Republic of Korea Armed Forces for a highly mobile short-range air defenсe system. The South Korean Armed Forces have successfully test-fired the new Hybrid BIHO in November 2016.

In addition, South Korea’s Hanwha Defense Systems is marketing its latest Hybrid BiHo self-propelled air defence system to the Asia-Pacific and Middle East regions.

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