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India wants to sell Heavyweight torpedoes for Vietnam

According to India Express 29/6 days, the Indian Navy has formally entered service type Varunastra heavyweight torpedo developed by this country.

The seminar received and put to use with torpedoes Varunastra are considered major events and is a major step by the Indian Navy.

Defense Minister personally Manohar Parrikar has attended this important event.
Speaking at the ceremony, Mr Manohar Parrikar officially equipped with torpedoes Varunastra brought it into the top eight countries in the world producing anti-submarine torpedoes successful heavyweight.


According to the information publicly Indiaexpress, torpedoes Varunastra by scientific laboratory and naval technology (NSTL) development was first announced during the Republic Day parade at Rajpath workers early in 2016.

Indian Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar said that this program does not just improve the capacity of the domestic manufacturing sector, but also an opportunity to export this type of torpedo to other countries.

According to Indian military sources said, the export torpedo Varunastra is also one of the content was discussed during a visit to Vietnam’s recent Defence Minister Parrikar.

According to initial information, torpedoes Varunastra weighing about 1.25 tons, the volume of about 250 kg of explosives, while the speed was about 40 knots / h.

With a localization rate of up to 95%, torpedo Varunastra is worth around US $ 1.77 million per fruit. This type of torpedoes capable of attacking submarines at the noise as well as stealth in both the agricultural and coastal waters.

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