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Ukraine upgrades its antiquated T-84 main battle tanks

The Ministry of Defence of Ukraine signed a contract with the SE «Malyshev plant» to upgrade its antiquated T-84 main battle tanks, that reported by

SE “Malyshev plant”—one of the oldest machinery plant in the CIS, Ukraine, Kharkiv. Company manufactures a range of products: special purpose vehicles (wheeled and tracked), engines for such vehicles, main battle tanks ant other.

The first T-84 prototype vehicle rolled out in 1994, and in the same year it was decided to build several more vehicles. They were subjected to extensive company and army trials. After successful completion of the extensive trials programme in the late 1990s the T-84 MBT entered service with the Ukrainian Army in 1999. On 24 August 2000, 10 T-84 MBTs took part in the parade dedicated to the 10th anniversary of Ukraine’s independence.


For a long time T-84 tanks were  in the storage of a number of parts of the armed forces of Ukraine and now decided to repair the tanks in order to restore and improve their technical condition.

Ukraine is upgrading its antiquated T-84 tanks to meet «Oplot» standards . It features advanced armor and a more powerful engine. «Oplot» main battle tank have new armoured side skirts, turret-conformal Kontakt-5 explosive reactive armour, auxiliary power unit, thermal imaging sight, satellite navigation, commander’s laser range-finder, muzzle reference system, and other improvements.

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