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Ukraine showed KVADRAT-2D mobile surface-to-air missile system at MSPO-2015

During  MSPO 2015, 23rd International Defence Industry Exhibition 2015  was shown a modernized air defense systems 2K12-2D KVADRAT-2D by  Ukrainian state company Ukroboronservice.

In present conditions of technologies fast development there is a possibility for multiple increase of combat effectiveness of any old-type Air Defense Missile System (ADMS) with much less expense than during buying of new examples with comparable characteristics.

During modernization of AAMC 2К12М1 “Kvadrat-М1” up to level AAMC “Kvadrat-2D” it will be solved the following problems:mkBbc7cWAeE

  1. Increase of operation terms of the modernized systems for the term of not less than 15 years.
  2. Replacement of the analog radio-electronic equipment to digital one:
    – in SURN 1С91М1 – up to 80%,
    – in SPU 2П25М1 – up to 70%.
  3. Increase of mean time between failures of the modernized radio-electronic equipment – up to 1,500 hours.
  4. Increase of combat capabilities of a complex (increase of noise protection, automation of processes of air targets detection, targets designation, etc.).
  5. Simplification of technical operation (reduction of maintenance scope, increase of repair ability).
  6. Reducing of SPTA quantity and nomenclature on 70%

During MSPO 2015, the Ukrainian company said that they are able to increase the service life of the system by 15 years by replacing up to 99% of old components with new parts. It has a declared increased reliability up to 1,500 hours between major failures. Several elements have been digitalized.  While the new version is still able to engage only one target simultaneously, with the upgrade its operational range increased from 50-70km (against a fighter at the altitude of 7km). The new system is able to detect cruise missiles at a minimum of 21 kilometres.


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