Wednesday, November 30, 2022

Ukraine develops new mobile weapon locating system

Ukrainian company UkrObonrProm’s subsidiary, SE “Scientific and Production Complex “Iskra”, has developed a new 1L220UK mobile weapon locating system.

The 1L220UK is a weapon locating radar system designed to providing protection of own troops and civilians by suppressing enemy artillery weapons and/or provide warning for incoming fire. The weapon locating radar system incorporates the latest technologies and is effective in a counter-fire and ECM environment.

According to the UkrOboroProm representative, the system is capable of precisely locating and identifying the type of threat (shells or rockets) as well as tracking their trajectory. It tracks at tens of kilometers the exact location of enemy guns, mortars, multiple launch rocket system, as well as air defence missile systems and tactical missiles.


The L220UK provides effective firing activity under the conditions of reduced visibility and enemy electronic counter-measures; increase of the reconnaissance and killing area by a factor 8 to 10 times, in comparison with the battalions equipped with standard facilities; reduction of fire mission execution time by a factor of 1,5 to 2 times; reduction of the ammunition expenditure by a factor of 2,5 to 3 time.

Reconnaissance/check range of fire positions, km:

Artillery – 30
Mortars – 30
Tactical missiles – 55/80.

And, among other things, the 1L220UK keeps track of the airspace, having the opportunity to fix the enemy’s unmanned aerial aircraft.

The entire system fits on a single vehicle (semi-trailer with KrAZ truck): the radar, operation shelter and the power generator.

The 1L220UK, in its capabilities, far exceeds the counter-battery radars that are now on the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

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