The Most Interesting Military Vehicles of the 2017 IDEX Defence Show

Top 5 of IDEX 2017

This week, hundreds of thousands of defence professionals, world leaders, military and journalists converge on Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre for the IDEX 2017.

The IDEX defence show takes place in Abu Dhabi from 19 to 23 February 2017, the most important event of its kind in the Middle East. IDEX 2017 is one of the world’s largest and most strategically important defence and security exhibitions. Exhibitors and visitors have the opportunity to meet local and international manufacturers and suppliers of the latest equipment, technology and systems.

A total of 1,235 companies including Boeing, Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman, Raytheon and UkrOboronProm are taking part in the five-day defence expo. More than 100,000 visitors are expected to descend on the Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre (Adnec).


Here are five vehicles, that surprised us on IDEX 2017.

5. Kaplan-20 armored fighting vehicle 

Photo by Balamir Han

The Turkish defence FNSS company unveiled its new generation armored fighting vehicle that has the ability to move together with main battle tanks, has a 22-25 Hp/ton power-to-weight ratio, which takes into account the weight of the communication system and the automatic transmission.

The Kaplan-20 architecture contains protection systems against mines, rocket propelled grenades and kinetic energy threats. In addition up to date electronic subsystems are also integrated together with high performance power pack, heavy duty suspension and tracks which enables the vehicle to carry heavy loads such as 105 mm gun systems.

4. Rabdan armored wheeled vehicle 

Photo by Blue Steel Books

UAE company Tawazun officially unveiled its Rabdan armoured vehicle at IDEX 2017.

Rabdan has been developed by Al Jasoor, a joint venture company between Tawazun and Otokar UAE, which is a subsidiary of Otokar. The infantry fighting vehicle is to be built in manufacturing facilities at the Tawazun Industrial Park in Abu Dhabi.

The UAE Army has long had a requirement for a new vehicle to replace its tracked BMP-3 vehicles but wants a more mobile 8×8 wheeled vehicle to take its place.

3. Milosh BOV M16 armoured combat vehicle 

Photo by Petar Vojinovic

Serbia’s Yugoimport-SDPR unveiled the Milosh BOV M16 armoured multi-purpose combat vehicle at IDEX 2017 exhibition.

The Milosh BOV M16 is a new tactical armoured combat vehicle designed and manufactured by Yugoimport-SDPR in SDPR “Complex Battle Systems” factory in Velika Plana, Serbia.

2. «Fantom» unmanned tactical vehicle 

Photo by UkrOboronProm

SFTE “SpetsTechnoExport”, which is a part of the SC “Ukroboronprom”, has showcased a new «Fantom» unmanned tactical multipurpose vehicle at IDEX 2017.

The developers have integrated the anti-tank missile system “Barrier” into “Fantom”. With such armament, the nearly invisible and mobile “Fantom” is capable of striking heavy and light armoured targets at a distance of 100 to 5,000 meters. In addition, “Fantom” is equipped with a stabilized rotating platform for different types of armament. Fire tests of “Fantom” with the installed machine gun of 12.7 mm calibre confirmed the high efficiency of the new development.

1. JAIS 4×4 multi-purpose fighting vehicle 

Photo by Blue Steel Books

The JAIS Family of Vehicles brings together forty years of experience in protected optimized mobility. The JAIS is the next generation of MRAP, providing essential balance between firepower, survivability, but with mobility for modern, conventional and asymmetric operations. Crew survivability is centred around a battle-proven “crew citadel” protection system, protecting against mine, IED and ballistic threats. The JAIS vehicle architecture supports multiple mission variants and equipment options, such as a full motorised infantry section, with a manned turret or remote weapon system.

The vehicle also provides cost-effective solutions for recce, patrol, utility and specialist roles, such as the ambulance variant. The highly modular JAIS family of vehicles provide modern suspension and powertrain, high power to weight ratio and excellent situational awareness.

The modular design employed in both the 4×4 and 6×6 ensures that all aspects of maintenance, servicing and repairs can easily be undertaken even in-the-field. With up to 90% commonality with the larger 6×6, the logistics footprint to support a diverse fleet is reduced thereby lowering total cost of owner-shop.