Switchblade «Kamikaze» UAV Has Been Found in Syria


The Switchblade «kamikaze»  is an unmanned aerial vehicle developed by AeroVironment and use by United States Army and  United States Marine Corps.  The Switchblade UAV  has been found  near Izraa city, Daraa (Syria).

The Switchblade® is designed to provide the warfighter with a back-packable, non-line-of-sight precision strike solution with minimal collateral effects. It can rapidly provide a powerful, but expendable miniature flying intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR) package on a beyond line-of-sight (BLOS) target within minutes.


This miniature, remotely-piloted or autonomous platform can either glide or propel itself via quiet electric propulsion, providing real-time GPS coordinates and video for information gathering, targeting, or feature/object recognition.

The vehicle’s small size and quiet motor make it difficult to detect, recognize and track even at very close range. The Switchblade is fully scalable and can be launched from a variety of air and ground platforms.

Switchblade is operated from AeroVironment’s battle proven ground control system (GCS) with a communications range of greater than 10 km. Our common GCS interfaces with AeroVironment air vehicles (except the Qube®) reducing the level of training required and decreasing the time and cost involved.

Switchblade loitering UAV found near Izraa city, Daraa :