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South Korea Defense Industry unveils new K808 armoured vehicles at ADEX 2017

Hyundai Rotem has unveiled its new family of wheeled armoured vehicle at the ADEX 2017,  Seoul International Aerospace and Defense Exhibition.

The new K808 Wheeled Armoured Vehicle (WAV) is a new generation of South Korea’s combat vehicles. The K808 is designed for speedy troop deployment and reconnaissance missions in front-line areas, including mountainous regions.

The K808 WAV is motorized with a Diesel engine developping 430 hp. ant it can run at a maximum speed of 100 km/h.


The baseline infantry carrier is armed with a shielded 12.7 mm machine gun. However the K808 can support a remotely-controlled weapon station, or a two-man turret, armed with a 30 mm cannon, or other weapons that pack a heavier punch. So the Hyundai Rotem can arm this armored vehicles depending on customer requirements.

Weight Less than 20 tonnes
Crew 11
Dimension 7.4m x 2.7m x 2.9m (L X W X H)
Max. Speed More than 100 km/h
Max. Gradient/Side Slope 60/30 %
Main Gun K4/K6 MG
Main Characteristics ACS | Automatic Fire Supression System | water-jet kit |

The Korean army plans to deploy 600 wheeled 6×6 and 8×8 armored vehicles from 2018 until 2020. These will replace tracked armored vehicles in the rapid deployment and internal security roles.

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