Monday, September 26, 2022

Russian Electronic warfare units competed using new hardware

Electronic warfare (EW) units of the Eastern Military District, which are located in Buryatia, competed using new hardware for the titpe of the best and for an opportunity to participate in the “Electronic range” contest district stage. The stage will be held in Khabarovsk.

Borisoglebsk-2 and Rtut-BM, which had been put in service of the combined arms formation in 2015, were used in the course of the practical stage of the contest.

The servicemen performed a number of special training tasks. In particular, they deployed EW systems, located sources of radioelectronics emission, and conducted radio interference.


Moreover, the servicemen competed in 3-km and 100-m running, and pull ups.


Multifunctional complex “Rtut-BM” was designed in and has been manufactured at the KRET enterprises since 2011; it is one of the most advanced EW systems.

The main purpose of this station is to protect manpower and equipment from single and multiple-launch artillery shells equipped with radio controlled fuses.

The system is mounted on a light armored tracked MT-LB chassis enabling sufficiently high mobility performances. The combat unit consists of two people, and the complex deployment time does not exceed 10 minutes. “Rtut-BM” protects personnel and equipment within the territory of 50 hectares.

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