Tuesday, July 23, 2024

Russia equips BMP-3 vehicles with anti-drone systems

Rostec has announced the serial installation of drone countermeasures on BMP-3 infantry fighting vehicles, enhancing their survivability on the battlefield.

As noted by the company, the BMP-3s, produced by Rostec’s “High Precision Systems” holding, are now equipped with anti-drone suppression systems, alongside existing defenses like anti-cumulative grids, armor screens, and “Nakidka” cloaking kits that reduce visibility in thermal and radar spectrums.

“These measures make it harder to detect the vehicles with observation devices like thermal imagers,” stated a representative from Rostec. The BMP-3s are also fitted with upper hemisphere protection kits, further improving their combat durability.


Despite these advancements, the BMP-3 has faced considerable challenges in recent conflicts. The vehicle, which succeeded the Soviet-era BMP-2, features aluminum alloy armor and steel external cope cages. However, since the onset of the war in Ukraine following Russia’s invasion in February 2022, approximately 400 BMP-3s have been visually confirmed destroyed. This underscores their vulnerability to modern anti-tank weaponry, including Javelin missiles and Carl Gustav recoilless rifles, as well as conventional munitions like mines.

The BMP-3 infantry fighting vehicle, introduced as a successor to the BMP-2, has been a mainstay in Russian mechanized units. Its design incorporates a combination of aluminum and steel armor, providing a balance between mobility and protection. Despite its robust design, the BMP-3 has shown susceptibility to advanced anti-tank weapons and FPV drones, leading to significant losses in recent conflicts.

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