Wednesday, September 27, 2023

Rare U.S. light armored vehicles spotted in Syria

Rare light armored vehicles of the U.S. Special Forces unit has been spotted near Qamishli, the city in northeastern Syria.

Posted on the CNW Twitter account on Saturday posted a video showing the U.S Special Forces military convoy drives near in northern Syria. In convoy has been spotted rare 6×6 Austrian-designed wheeled armored vehicles called the Armored Ground Mobility System (AGMS).

The AGMS is a six-wheeled, rapidly-deployable armored personnel carrier, providing heavy weapons capability, ballistic protection, and increased transportability options for special operations forces (SOF). Developed on the Pandur base, the advanced light armored vehicle can transport up to 7 troops plus its commander and driver.


The vehicles that were spotted in Syria, have been equipped with fully-enclosed armored glass cupola for the driver that offers added protection and improved visibility for operations with their hatch open.

First vehicles were delivered to the U.S. Army on March 2000. It is believed that the U.S. Army’s Delta Force and 75th Ranger Regiment have received a total of 20 vehicles.

According to the current information, to date, United States Special Operations Command operates 12 6×6 AGMS armoured personnel carriers as manufactured by General Dynamics Land Systems. Vehicles provide physical and electronic warfare protection solutions against improvised explosive devices, while also providing fire support capabilities including 12.7mm heavy machine guns and 40mm automatic grenade launchers.

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Dylan Malyasov
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