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Photo : Chinese military vehicles during a military exercise in Russia

Chinese military vehicles during a military exercise in Russia

BJ2022JC Brave Warrior
BJ2022JC Brave Warrior

The latest Chinese light utility will be the BJ2022JC ‘Brave Warrior’, built by Beijing Benz-DaimlerChrysler Automobile Co. Adapted from existing Mercedes Benz designs, the BJ2022JC will carry 0.7 ton, with a wheelbase of 110 inches, and has an independent suspension system with a 101.5 kW 3.2 L turbo-charged inter-cooling diesel engine.

Beiben Truck 1928
Beiben Truck 1928

The series products of our Beiben military all wheel drive trucks are ideal transport with outstanding performance and high quality, they are widely used in industries and sectors, such as national defense, aviation, postal service, railways, highways, harbors, petroleum, chemicals, water and electricity, forests, fire fighting, banks and peace keeping forces.

Shaanxi SX2150
Shaanxi SX2150

The SX250/SX2150 is a 5 ton 6×6 special heavy duty truck. The SX-250 was developed and built by Shaanxi Automobile Works as a cross country vehicle in the 1960s and based on the Soviet Ural-375 and the cab/cargo-bed designs of the French Berliet GBU 15. It was renamed by the Shaanxi Automobile Corporation Limited and used by the People’s Liberation Army of the People’s Republic of China for various uses (crane truck, transport cab, transport, etc…)


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