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Iraq Army have received TOS-1A Russia-n-made heavy self-propelled flamethrower mounted on T-90 chassis

Iraq Army have received TOS-1A Russia-n-made heavy self-propelled flamethrower mounted on T-90 chassis, reported Tom Antonov.

TOS-1 is a Soviet 220mm 30-barrel (original system, Ob.634 or TOS-1M) or 24-barrel (Ob.634B or TOS-1A) multiple rocket launcher and thermobaric weapon mounted on a T-72 tank chassis (or T-90). TOS-1 was designed for defeating enemy personnel in fortifications, in open country, and in lightly armoured vehicles and transport.

The TOS-1A is the latest version of the original TOS-1heavy flamethrower system. It was adopted by the Russian Army in 2001. The TOS-1A was used by the Russian Army in Chechnya. This heavy flamethrower system has been exported to Azerbaijan , Iraq  and Kazakhstan.


Iraqi systems have seen combat during the fights with Islamic State fighters. It seems that the TOS-1A has also been exported to Syria, where it has seen combat during the Syrian Civil War.

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