Tuesday, May 30, 2023

Iran eyeing another deal with Russia for fighter jets after the successful transfer S-300 System

After the successful transaction and acceptance of the S-300 missile system from Russia, Iran is eyeing another deal for a huge number of aircraft.

That was reported by militaryway.weebly.com.

Before Iran was smacked with sanctions by the western nations there were talks of buying new fourth generation fighter aircraft from either Russia or China. There were continuous negotiations and official press notes being released that most of the details on the deal has been ironed out and only the technological challenges remain. Soon, after Iran got smacked with sanctions and all of their foreign accounts were frozen. Now after a long hiatus things look slightly better for Iran as the sanctions have been eased on them and their accounts unfrozen.


The deal is official as Iran’s defence minister General Hossein Dehghan said during an interview in the national television. There has been no timeline set for the commencement of deliveries or the number of fighters and would Iran contribute to the production of the fighters and in what stages. The Iran has a requirement for more than 200 hundred aircraft as majority of the aircraft in the air force is in pitiable condition due to the ageing of the air frames and the lack of spares due to western sanctions imposed after the revolution.

If the deal is concluded than Iran after Israel would have one of the most advanced and largest fourth generation fighter fleet in the middle east and can also pose a very serious threat to any future American operation in the region and also to other regional powers like the Saudis. Certain reports came up that Iran wants a custom built flanker like the Indians and Iran did ask New Delhi repeatedly for availability of certain technologies like MFD displays and a custom built mission computers although New Delhi seems reluctant to do so but it offered assistance in Pilot training and maintenance.

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Dylan Malyasov
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