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Hong Kong customs officials seized 9 Terrex AV81 wheeled armored personnel carriers

The nine Terrex AV81 wheeled armored personnel carriers was spotted in the Port of Hong Kong.

According to, Hong Kong customs officials have seized at least 9 armored military vehicles that were on board a cargo ship from Taiwan that was bound for Singapore.

A source told SCMP that this is likely one of the biggest seizures of strategic commodities in the two decades since Hong Kong was handed back over to China. The exact details of the shipment are still under investigation and it’s not clear why the cargo was unloaded in Hong Kong since that was not its final destination. The source said that it is possible it had been unloaded by mistake. Meanwhile, a Fact Wire report claims that customs officers were tipped off.


Investigators are still trying to determine the owner, sender and consignee of the cargo. Apple Daily reports that the containers had been shipped from Kaohsiung. Obviously, a license is needed to ship strategic commodities like military equipment overseas. Not having one could result in an unlimited fine and seven years in prison.

The Terrex AV81 8×8 wheeled armored personnel carrier was originally developed in Ireland by Timoney for Singapore Technologies Kinetics. Vehicle underwent initial trials in Ireland and United Kingdom and was shipped to Singapore for evaluation in late 2000. Production commenced in 2006. The Singapore Armed Forces acquired at least 135 Terrex armored personnel carriers.

   The Terrex is one of the latest and most advanced APCs. Vehicle has a modular protection system. All-round protection of the steel armor is against 7.62 mm NATO rounds and artillery shell splinters. The front arc withstands 12.7 mm armor piercing-rounds. Add on ceramic-composite armor plates can be added for a higher level of protection. Maximum level of all-round protection is against 14.5 mm armor-piercing rounds. Vehicle has a double V-shaped hull, which deflects mine blasts. It can withstand up to 12 kg TNT explosion under the hull and the vehicle still keep on moving. Vehicle is fitted with NBC protection system.

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