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First footage of Iraqi Air Force T-50IQ

Recently pictures from July 2015 of the first flight have surfaced. The Iraqi pilots that are flying the T-50IQ in South Korea have completed their training in Pakistan and are advancing in their F16 program. The Iraqi F16 training program encompasses training from beginning to end with the South Korean trainer being the last step into the F16 pilot program.

However the Iraqi bid did not just buy the trainer that South Korea and Indonesia use (the T-50). Rather it has opted for a custom version similar to the FA-50 (South Korean not the Russian stealth fighter) that offers more F16 like attack capabilities. The FA-50 has RWR (Radar warning recivers) / NVIS (Night Vision Imaging System) / compatible with JDAM as well as LINK-16 for multi layered defense and attack missions. More physical difference can be seen in the cockpit with larger MFDs (Multi Function Displays) than the TA-50 indicating the increased capabilities.

The Iraqi Air Force has also purchased the Czech L-159 advance trainers and light attack aircraft but these will be delivered as a single large batch (10 single seat attack & 2 two seat trainers) and are going to be used primarily for attack missions not training. The reverse is true for the T-50IQs as they serve as the last step in the F16 pilot training program. This does not exclude them from attacks against ISIS but does reduce the likelihood they will be used extensively.


Deliveries start 2016 on the first month and are scheduled to be delivered monthly for 12 months until order is complete.

Confirmed training fleet so far.

2x L-159T two seat variants & 10x L-159A single seat variants

20x Lasta 95

15x T6A

12x Cessna 172

20x PAK Mushak

And of course 24x T-50IQ

Iraq T-50IQ - maiden flight 13.7.15

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