Friday, August 5, 2022

China unveils GL5 active protection system for main battle tanks

The China North Industries Group Corporation (NORINCO Group) has shown for the first time its new GL5 active protection system (APS) designed for main battle tanks during the show in Baotou in the Inner Mongolia autonomous region on Wednesday morning.

According to the NORINCO, the new GL5 APS can provide Chinese armour more reliable protection against the threat for the tanks on the battlefields, including light anti-tank weapons, anti-tank guided missiles (ATGM). The system providing full 360-degree horizontally and 20-degree in vertical direction vehicle protection.

The  GL5 APS uses a special radar to detect incoming warheads. Upon detection, a defensive rocket is fired that detonates near the inbound threat, destroying it before it hits the tank or vehicle.


The Norinco’s APS system consists of a multi-mission, fire-control radar that detects and tracks incoming threats and launcher for defensive rockets.

Experts said that the new GL5 active protection system will be installed on the new ZTZ-99 main battle tanks.

About 230 officers from more than 50 foreign nations, mostly military attaches to Beijing and procurement officials, attended the show in Baotou, which included live-fire performances by battle tanks and antitank missiles at a shooting range owned by Inner Mongolia First Machinery, a subsidiary of Norinco.

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