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Belgium to acquire U.S. made Joint Light Tactical Vehicles

On September 11, the Belgian government approved the acquisition of Joint Light Tactical Vehicles from American Oshkosh company for the Belgian armed forces under the Commando en Liaison Voertuigen (CLV) program.

The Council of Ministers has cleared the acquisition of 322 JLTVs, along with a multi-year open agreement for technical assistance.

On Friday, the press release said that Oshkosh Defense has won a 135 million euros ($160 million) contract. The delivery of the first vehicles is expected in 2023.


The new JLTV will replace Iveco LMV Lynx. These vehicles will be used for command and liaison missions and will better protect personnel from mines and Improvised Explosive Devices (IED).

The integration of a Remote Controlled Weapon Station (RCWS), the FN DeFNder Light 7.62 from FN Herstal, is foreseen on 135 of these vehicles.

In addition to Belgium, two more European countries acquire new JLTV. Montenegro among the first NATO allies will receive new Joint Light Tactical Vehicles – it buys 30 vehicles. Lithuania also to buy almost 200 new Oshkosh Defense-built JLTV.

The JLTV family of vehicles is designed to restore payload and performance that were traded from light tactical vehicles to add protection in recent conflict, giving commanders an improved protected mobility solution and the first vehicle purpose-built for modern battlefield networks.

The JLTV has the ability to raise and lower the vehicle body for various terrains, can be up-armored in the field, and can inflate or deflate the tires in extreme conditions. In addition, features such as a five-point harness versus the lap-shoulder belt, a backup camera, and (wait for it) cup holders, place it at the top of the next generation of Army tactical vehicles.

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