Azerbaijani Army unveils its new Orbiter-3 small tactical UAS

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New weapon systems of Army Combined Arms tried during Azerbaijan-Turkey joint military drills in Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic.

AzeriDefence” reports that during the last days of the drills “Orbiter-3” small tactical UAS (STUAS) of Azerbaijan Armed Forces were presented for the first time. The authority of the Autonomous Republic were also present at the demonstration of the military equipment.

The production of “Orbiter-3” is conducted by “Azad Systems” company established jointly by the Ministry of Defence Industry and Israel’s “Aeronautics” company, “Orbiter-3” UAV have more capabilities than its predecessor “Orbiter-2”.


The Orbiter 3 STUAS is the largest variant of the Orbiter family of electric powered UAS.

Orbiter 3 STUAS is designed to operate with, and support the higher tactical echelon, providing intelligence, surveillance, target acquisition, and reconnaissance (ISTAR) missions with long endurance. This system can carry payloads up to 5 kg in weight, including multi-sensor stabilized EO payloads carrying laser target-designation systems. The recommended payload for Orbiter 3 UAVs is the T-STAMP tri-sensor stabilized EO payload (Day/Night), cooled) with laser pointer. The latest variant of the Orbiter 3 STUAS is fitted with digital datalink, extended endurance of 7 hours and operational radius of 150 km.

The system is fully compatible with industry standards, including STANAG 4586 (NATO) for UAS controls and H.246 for the video streaming.