Sunday, October 18, 2020

Ukrainian military conducted a successful test of new Stiletto armour-piercing bullet

The Central Armament and Military Hardware Research Institute of the Armed Forces of Ukraine has recently conducted trials test of new armour-piercing bullet developed by Ukrainian-British Stiletto Systems Ltd. company.

Conducted tests demonstrated that cartridge 5.45×39 with Stiletto armor-piercing bullet is able to pierce 15 mm Armstal 500 armor plate at 100 m range with 100% expectancy. At the same time, the B-32 bullet of 7.62mm cartridge from Soviet machine gun was unable to penetrate armor plate.

Designed specifically for support tactical level operations on the battlefield, the Stiletto armor-piercing bullet is intended to defeat a spectrum of target types – ranging from air targets to both so and armoured ground targets.


The Stiletto Systems company has carried out a range of tests and experiments for 7,62x39mm and 5,45x39mm calibre ammunition including firing, both with steel and carbide-tipped core.

For now, Stiletto bullets can guarantee piercing absolutely any type of bullet-proof equipment, hitting successfully frontal armor of both Soviet and modern infantry fighting vehicles and armored personnel carriers; hitting targets protected by concrete frames or sheltered at pillboxes or armored modules.

Photo by Dylan Malyasov

Photo by Dylan Malyasov

Photo by Dylan Malyasov

Photo by Dylan Malyasov

Photo by Dylan Malyasov

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