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The Way to Save Money without Losing Quality


Cialis is an American drug for the treatment of erectile dysfunction, that is, insufficient or difficult to achieve erection. It has many advantages over other drugs in this category, such as low severity of side effects, excellent performance indicators and convenience of use (one tablet is enough for 36 hours, during this entire period a man is ready to engage in sexual intercourse), the possibility of combining with a moderate amount of alcohol, and also the fact that the amount and volume of recently eaten food doesn’t affect the rate and degree of absorption of the drug into the body. The medicine is available in three dosage options: 20, 10 and 5 mg of the active ingredient Tadalafil in one pill. Cialis has gained immense popularity all over the world and for many years has been ranked second in popularity among all drugs for the treatment of ED in the world.

However, one drop of poison infects the whole tun of wine, and Cialis is no exception. This excellent medicine is very expensive – prices for branded Cialis are off the charts for $20, and this is the cost of just one pill! Many men simply cannot afford to buy the opportunity for normal sexual activity at such a high price.

Fortunately, there is an absolutely reliable, safe and legal opportunity to save money when buying Cialis at without compromising on quality. The fact is that many drug manufacturers in different countries of the world produce Cialis generics. Generics are full-fledged analogues of a delusional drug, because they contain the same active ingredient (Tadalafil) in the same dosages. Some manufacturers offer even more additional dosage options, such as 15 mg. In fact, most of the drugs widely used in the world, whether they are drugs for ED, for high blood pressure or for the common cold, have many generics, we just don’t pay attention to this and don’t delve into this topic when we buy drops for nasal congestion or pills against migraine. All medicines have international non-proprietary names – this is the name of the main active ingredient, usually in Latin (here – Tadalafil), as well as proprietary names (branded Cialis is called Cialis, and its generics are definitely different, for example, Generic Cialis, Tadalis, Vidalista, Tadagra and many others).


MYou should not be afraid of fakes or placebos if you decide to purchase a generic of Cialis – their overwhelming majority are produced by pharmaceutical companies with an excellent reputation. Generic manufacturers are based in countries all around the world, from India to the UK. Of course, the range of prices for Cialis generics is also quite large. Traditionally, Indian and Canadian offers are the most beneficial for US residents. These medicines can be purchased effortlessly from online pharmacies, both national and international, delivering worldwide.

When buying generics of Tadalafil, you can save a lot of money – up to 90% of the cost of a branded drug! Yes, the price of one tablet of Cialis in the maximum dosage (20 mg) can be a little less than one dollar.

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